Our readers love a fantastic romp. They love a good monster book that puts people into death-defying situations with creatures ripped straight from our worst nightmares. A great read to us is one that features memorable characters, highly cinematic scenes, and lots of bloodthirsty creatures. 


Primal Publishing is currently open for submissions and looking for quality fiction. If you have a manuscript that you'd like us to take a look at, we would love to hear from you. We are looking to publish and bring great stories to market. Please do read our submission guidelines below. 


We are currently open for submissions and looking to hear from talented writers. If you have a story featuring monsters, creatures, animals long thought to be extinct, killer sea creatures, or monstrous kaiju, then we'd love to hear from you. We would welcome the chance to read your book. 


  • ​​​Please prepare a short synopsis of your story that is approximately 300 words in length. Please be sure to include main plot points, themes, and who the major characters of the story will be.
  • Please include a brief bio about yourself with a professional author head shot. 
  • Attach your manuscript in either .docx or .doc.
  • You may send your submission to Editor@PrimalPublishing.com.
  • ​​Primal Publishing does not accept responsibility for physically mailed manuscripts. Mailed manuscripts will remain unread and not be returned to the author. Primal Publishing cannot and will not be held responsible for the return of mailed manuscripts. Thanks for your understanding. 


  • Stories featuring dinosaurs ripped straight from the prehistoric past. We love stories that aim to bring these prehistoric terrors back to life.
  • Monster stories featuring creatures that have been genetically created. Often times these types of stories make for the best books and movies.
  • Creatures living in the remote and isolated parts of the world. These are stories featuring creatures long thought to be extinct still in existence.
  • Who doesn't love a good giant kaiju story? We do as well. Stories featuring massive creatures rising from the waters about to make landfall. 
  • Let's not forget about killer sea creatures as well, stories of huge monstrosities lurking in the murky depths of the water. 
  • We are looking for books that are a minimum of 35,000 words in length. 


Primal Publishing will give full consideration to any manuscript submitted to us that adheres to the guidelines outlined above. If we feel that your manuscript fits with our target reader and is something that will work well within our catalogue of books, then our editorial team will contact you within fourteen days of submission. If your manuscript is approved for publication, then you will receive a legal contract from us via email for you to review. If you have not heard back from us within fourteen days of submission of your book, please do submit your manuscript to another publisher. Thank you for your interest in Primal Publishing. We greatly appreciate it.