With each author that we take on and publish, we like to think that we are officially entering into a business partnership with that person. We take our books very seriously and believe firmly that each Primal Publishing author should have the chance to generate the most money.


Book royalties are the lifeblood of all authors. It is what propels them into their project and compensates them fairly for their efforts. Given the fact that most authors still have day jobs, the writing of a book is a huge endeavor. We believe in compensating our authors extremely well.


When we decided to build our small independent press, we made the strategic decision to be extremely light and nimble as a company. We aim to keep overhead extremely low so as to divert as much money back to our authors as possible. We publish in all formats, including paperback, ebook, and audio books, and pay our authors 50% royalty on all net profits. For example, if an author's ebook sells for $3.99 and the total net profit is $2.72, a Primal Publishing author would take home $1.36 and $1.36 would go to the publisher, thus a a 50/50 split of net profits. We treat each author that we take on as essentially an equal partner with us. 


Ebooks remain a fantastic way for independent and small publishers alike to generate consistent streams of income. Compensating authors extremely well for their efforts is something we take great pride in as we continue to grow as a small independent publisher and something that we hope to continue to do long into the future. ​


Audiobook sales have been something that has continued to see significant growth over the last few years. Although they are quite an endeavor to produce, given the fact that a narrator must go into his or her own studio in order to read and record an entire book, they remain a fantastic revenue source for both authors, publishers, and narrators. The audiobook industry has been growing steadily by an average of almost 25% year after year since 2017. Audiobook sales in the U.S. neared almost $1 billion in the U.S. in 2018, ending the year at a staggering $940 million. ​


Primal Publishing authors are paid 50% royalties on all net profits on a monthly basis. We pride ourselves knowing that our authors are the most important asset of our business. Paying authors a high royalty rate ultimately allows more great stories to make their way out into the world.