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A story about a giant creature that is carrying its young atop its back. When it reaches out with an enormous limb and deposits them on the SF Bay Bridge,  giant juvenile creatures begin to wreak havoc. 

  • An Amazon.com bestseller
  • Top 100 in Pulp
  • Top 100 in Action/Adventure
  • Highly Cinematic
  • A Movie On Paper
  • A High Concept
  • One Helluva Read


When a giant, building-sized creature suddenly arrives on the side of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, the world quickly comes to the realization that there are things that exist on this earth that defy imagination. But the creature is not alone. It is carrying its young atop its back. 


Primal Publishing is an independent publisher of creature fiction. We specialize in "prehistoric thrillers," stories featuring long thought to be extinct creatures still in existence somewhere in the world. We like our stories with plenty of teeth, claws, and most importantly, people getting eaten.