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Primal Publishing is currently open for submissions and looking for quality fiction. If you have a manuscript that you'd like us to read, we would love to hear from you. We are looking to publish and bring great stories to market. Please get in touch with us. We'd love to read your book.

What if the largest ape that has ever existed hadn't gone extinct? What if somewhere in the world Gigantopithecus was still alive? But what if the animal had been forced to adapt in order to survive? 



A group of investors gather for a weekend tour atop a massive boardwalk. The boardwalk will offer paying guests the chance to hike and walk at the very top of the rainforest. It isn't long before they learn that they have entered into an ancient ecosystem, and they are not alone.


Primal Publishing is an independent publisher of creature fiction. We specialize in "prehistoric thrillers," stories featuring long thought to be extinct creatures still in existence somewhere in the world. We like our stories with plenty of teeth, claws, and most importantly, people getting eaten.